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This blog will no longer be active. All RPs and RP canons will be carried over to PhotonPulse. Just continue replying to RPs as normal and I will use photonpulse to reply.

Please go and follow photonpulse for all further RP updates from me.

This blog will remain open purely for archival purposes.


This blog will no longer be active. All RPs and RP canons will be carried over to PhotonPulse. Just continue replying to RPs as normal and I will use photonpulse to reply.

Please go and follow photonpulse for all further RP updates from me.

This blog will remain open purely for archival purposes.

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I’m starting to think this diner’s going to haunt me in my sleep.

His feet always seemed to bring him to the cozy little place just off the strip, the dull neon sign flickering with the message of ‘open 42 hours!’ It seemed that regardless of who he was meeting or when, it always ended up being here. Somewhere safe. Somewhere he felt secure.

Hmph. Now where was that damn hunter? Admittedly, it had only been a few minutes but the logic did nothing to sooth his irritation. The quicker Kaito got here the sooner they could finish this and be on their way.
There’s no way in hell I’m talking to him more than I absolutely have to.

Kaito wondered where precisely IV would be. The nature of the meeting dictated he would be in a secluded area, such as an alleyway, but Kaito had already scanned those thoroughly in the air. The quietest part of the city’s center would be…

After a few minutes of walking, Kaito walked past the place. It was only until Orbital 7 beeped that he paused and glanced past the neon sign. Upon seeing IV, Kaito took a deep breath and took long strides to enter the building.

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Hiroko sat  on the ground for a minute.  Her upper half jerked forward slightly, a grunt escaped her lips.  ”Oh shit…”  she uttered, doubling over, spewing a yellow liquid with light brown chunks.  She wiped her mouth with her left arm.  ”That’s nasty…”  She sighed, slowly standing again.  ”W-we’re almost there anyways…”  She responded to his earlier offer for a drink.  ”T-Thanks anyways…”

“It’s just…  That building down there…”  She managed to say, pointing at a decently sized building.  ”Not that you care… B-But… I-I live on the 5th floor.  There’s a railing, s-so I won’t need any assistance once inside…” Hiroko looked at the hunter, deep pink looking into ashy gray.  ”Thank you for your help, Kaito…”  She thanked him.  ”I’m doubtful I could make it there by myself…”  She added, her right arm draping over the hunter’s shoulders.  

“And I’m pretty sure I’m making you uncomfortable.  So thanks…” 

Within, Kaito cringed, but he knew to remain as still and strong as a statue, avoiding the show of any reactions.

Hiroko spoke a lot, but the hunter made no fanfare of it. Instead, he accompanied her to the building, ensuring the sight around him was memorized well in case he required the information. He cleared tension from his body, and simply walked, ensuring any sways from Hiroko were caught and stopped. “I just want to make sure you make it back okay.”

"And take a rest," he was about to add, but that would be hypocritical. Why did he care so much?

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Kaito made an effort to avoid reacting, but the hunter’s lips parted slightly, and he bit on his tongue. His face was pinkish, and he was unsure whether it was from pressure from having to respond or something else.

"I… You anons have done this before; this is fake."

Anon submitted:

Hey Kaito.  Look at what I found.

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It was a relief to see V again after such long abscence from one another. Although much turbulence had been uninvitingly placed between the two, Kaito hoped they would at least remain friends. “V. How have things been for you?”


Before V was consumed with darkness, he felt Kaito’s arms help lower himself down to the floor. A small attempt was made to say something, but he passed out. Dreams, that were more like nightmares rather than dreams, filled him unconscious mind.

Though when V woke up he didn’t remember any, but the shock that he felt. V could feel his heart thumb within his chest, as if it was trying to escape his ribcage. Gasping for air for a few moments, V noticed that Kaito knelt beside him. Protecting him. The nap, if it could be called that, was relieving and V could now fully think correctly. Well, almost. “Ngh…” Slowly, V started to sit up.

If it were anyone else, Kaito would have lost patience a long time ago. V seemed restless, tormented from within like a tumour invading his mind. A brief tingle of relief came as V opened his eyes but vanished, dashed by heavy breaths.

Anxiously, Kaito watched V, and the weight in his heart lifted as he sat up. The hunter offered V a hand, a mirror of their gestures when Kaito was still learning to duel. “Are you feeling alright? You fainted.”

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AU- Worthshipping


Fuuya takes a while to notice how his breath clouds in front of him in the cool night air. He rarely got time out to himself but when he did, he made sure to savour each moment and detail no matter how significant.

Fuuya continued his walk down Heartland’s now empty streets, pulling his coat closer to him to prevent a shiver of both cold and fear. Sure, he had been out by himself at night, but that was when he wasn’t at all in his right mind.
He hated thinking about how he was under the Numbers’ influence. It sickened him to think that his will wasn’t strong to fight back.

But the Number did release it’s hold of him, thought Fuuya had no idea how nor did he wish to find out.

According to his data,the target’s movement patterns would tend to around this quiet patch of town at night. Kaito perched on a building above, his figure and Orbital’s wings concealed by a shadow from moonlight. Fuuya Okudaira, young actor and holder of a Number, would be around here, perhaps wreaking havoc.

The chill was especially pronounced on Kaito’s legs as he made a silent approach, precisely as a military aircraft, to a point he thought was Fuuya’s blind spot. He didn’t seem like a Holder, though. The data must have been out of date, the hunter thought, and he punched his arm in frustration. His heel scraping on the ground angered him again, and he quickly detached Orbital 7, hopefully before Fuuya would notice and turn around.

riokamishiiro sent: So... Was it you who put him in the hospital before? The time when the doctors had no idea what was wrong with him?

This was another difficult question, another one which he couldn’t have prepared an answer for. “Y—yes. I also ensured his recovery.”